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In travel nursing jobs there are top travel nurse jobs in Virginia. Nurses are amazing for them and qualify themselves to be able to get the position. Travel nurse jobs have been an opportunity for nurses to broaden their careers and advance their skills and specialization. Let’s find out the 5 highest – paying travel nursing jobs of 2021 in Virginia.


The Highest Paying Travel Nursing Jobs Right Now

Intensive Care Unit Nurse 

COVID-19 has left intensive care units not just full, but overflowing. The demand for ICU nurses is continuously growing, ICU travel nurses have helped bridge the scarcity in many places. ICU nurses attend to patients who are in critical condition, which means close monitoring is needed. A 1:1 nurse to patient ratio is needed. Sometimes, more than one nurse should look after one patient. In this situation, ICU nurses are offered higher pay to perform their duties in the department that needs them the most. 


Emergency Room Nurse 

Even before the pandemic hit the world, emergency departments were always full of patients who needed immediate attention. To give a solution to this issue, the hiring of emergency nurses is increasing. Patients who are in pain or are at risk need to be attended to immediately. Nurses who are assigned in emergency areas use critical thinking to assess who needs the care the most, so they can prioritize patients who need their assistance badly. Emergency room nurses should be skilled enough to attend to patients who have different issues such as gunshot wounds, stroke, vehicular accidents, and other critical conditions. 


Labor and Delivery Nurse 

Another situation that needs immediate action is women giving birth. Labor and delivery nurses are experts when it comes to assisting women who give birth in a normal delivery. They should also be skilled enough to assist women who need an immediate cesarean section. Being flexible as a nurse can make you earn more since your service is needed in emergency cases like this. 


Telemetry Nurse

Monitoring the vitals and conditions of patients plays an important role in the patient’s development and recovery, especially in critical conditions. Telemetry nurses are assigned to make the monitoring updated and report immediately to the authorized medical personnel in charge of the patients. Teamwork can make patients better, so nurses and physicians do their work accurately. 


Vaccination Nurse

Due to the availability of vaccinations against COVID-19 the demand for vaccination nurses has increased too. Vaccination nurses are required to work long hours and some may even have to go on long drives to administer vaccines to people in other places. 


What Is The Best Travel Nurse Company To Work For?

When choosing a travel nurse agency in Virginia, focus on the ones near your area. They can be more accessible to visit, and you can easily get feedback from nurses who work for them. Feedbacks from the internet may not always be reliable, so getting recommendations from nurses whom you know can be best. That’s why a travel nurse agency near you can be a good option.


Which States Pay Travel Nurses The Most?

Once you have selected a travel nurse agency to work with, you can ask them which are the highest paying assignments they have. This sometimes varies according to the demands of nurses in each state or country. 


Is Travel Nursing Worth The Money?

Most travel nurses find travel nurse jobs better than regular ones. Since the compensation they get is higher than usual, and they even have the chance to travel the world. Some nurses are not only after the pay, but they are after the free time they can have to do their passions and pursue their career at the same time. 


Now that you have an idea about the 5 highest – paying travel nursing jobs of 2021 in Virginia, you can now start your application if you are qualified. If not, better to earn the experience and skills needed. Getting more experience can help you upgrade your skills as well as earn certification and get the specialization that gives you a higher pay. Keep your hopes high and continue to learn, so you can eventually grab the opportunity to work as the highest-paid travel nurse in the future.